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My Lonely Website
On the search for good cornbread recipe
C is for Cookie
I'm still here
100 days on The Four Hour Body
When we head out...
Pilipino Food Workshop Part I
When Spouse Readies for B-School
I said I would write
Benign Nodules etc.
Four Hour Body at almost 50 days
On the hunt...
Children's Book Writing Saga Continues
Meal Plan March20
Some thoughts on current stocks/market
Meal Plan March 6
Week of Feb 27 Meal Plan
Vocal Layers = Remake of The Smiths
Moving after 10 years
2011New Year's Resolution
Cooper's 2010 Wish List
Brooklyn's 2010 Wish List
Great Holiday Wish List Ideas
Lovely fabric
Resurrect this site
New Line of Bags to Admire
Testing Shuttefly Widget Embed
More pantry space
At the Park
Sometimes Emotional Eating is the Only Way
These are days...
Ice Cream at Jardin du Luxumborg Summer 2009
2010 Project: Lifelong Learning of Investments
Manresa with Foodie Book Club
Wish List 2009
Important Health & Safety Links for Parents
Mostly Tired, but Always Here
Interesting Sleep Patterns
Recovering & Catching Up
Amazing Fan Video
Nausea subsides
Please Nausea Go Away!
Evian Baby Commercial
Week 11...nausea is still bad
Sour's Hibi no neiro
New Skills for B
Help Me Go Green at Home Cleaning
IAs get their hands dirty with anlytics
Addiction to Sigona's
Sustainable Design for Modern Living
Meals Made Madly 1
Content Strategy Webinar & Q/A
Overlap of Interests: SF SCBWI & Social Media
Adventures in Housewifery Week 2
Dinner Then and Now
Unhealthy Fruit
Adventures in Housewifery
They Hear but not listen; at least not yet
Neil Gaiman on Colbert
She's Doing What We Did in 2005
IA Summit 2009
Giveaway at DeliciousBaby.com
Carseats: Yes or no > 2 yo?
Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes
Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel & Spa
20% Up in a Down Market
Another Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Site
Purse Obsession
If Ever I Start Presenting Again
Baby Stores closing shops
Scott McCloud at TED2005
National Museum of Play
Tips on Growing Wealth
Wine Best Buys
DadGear diaper bags
Really Nice Maternity Clothes
No Cow's Milk is Ok
What I Am Thankful For
Presence not Presents
US Formula also has melamine
Mom has got to work, maybe
At the mall
Where to Stay on vacation
Vegetarian Hippie Chick...
No Microwave
Equality at Home
Living Productive Lives
Cake Ideas for B's Birthday
529 Plans & what to do during this dowturn
Minivan on My Mind
Temporary Tats: Very Useful
Assembly of Text or Bust
Opt Out Revolution
Booster Seats...not the Spy Hunter Kind
Shampoo Guide
Food, Books & People
Life without Plastic
Working out with Moms
Don't Underestimate Teens
Beautiful Dessert Plates
Another way to enjoy chocolate
Great Gifts for Wedding Party Kids
Day 8 & 9: AM Nap Training
Really Nice Bags w/o Being Commercial or Cutsie
For the Organizing Freak in All of Us
Day 5, 6, 7...
Web Folks: Take the Survey
Day 4: Nap Training
Day 3: Nap Training
Day 2: Naps
Inspiring Last Lecture
Great Way to Pack for Labor @Hospital
Baby's Storytime at the Library
Day 1: PM Nap Training
Day 1: AM Nap Training
Erin's Photography on KQED
Organize Me
Prius Rentals Article
What and Why I Write...
Going Eco-Friendly at the Picnic
Last Night Was a Challenge of the Ears & Heart
Simple Hacks for Parenthood
Wine Wish List 3
I just need more time
Geek Meets Librarian
Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean
Wine Wish List 2
Wish List for Wine 1
Indoor Play Centers
Madonna's New CD
Tips for Traveling with Babies
Coworking meets Coplaying
Seriously Thinking about Parenting Philosophies
Eat Pray Love
A Thousand Splendid Suns
NPR & _Ten Year Nap_
Useful Sites for Baby & Children's Products
I Heart Office Supplies
IA Summit 2008 is a Bust
Birds in Maine & Jaspar in Snow
My Favorite Things: Baby 0-3months
My Favorite Things: Pregnancy
Yes we are geeky parents
Rice Rice Baby
Humanities Studies Does Matter
What's Worse Than Being Sick?
When You Run out of Graph Paper
My Status Post Pregnancy
Welcome to the world, Jeli
Getting Closer Each Day
Baby Boot Camp
Strange Bedfellows
SF Open Studio
Finally a changing pad that fits
2 Weeks to Go
Going Green with Body Products Too
Keeping it real
Information R/evolution
A Vision of Students Today
I'm Wide Awake
Ok so maybe I am a geek
Two Treats after Baby Born Requested
Got Florist?
Weird Sleeping Patterns
It Hurts to Knit
Baby Showers etc.
Food Porn
Childbirth Class Before You're Pregnant
Numb Hands
Drugs on Money, Guitar, Used Cars...
Amazing Ukulele Musician
Librarians Show Your Value Online
On Baby's Schedule Now
Books about libraries/librarians
Stress is Mounting
Keeping up with 18 year olds
Fun Stuff to Buy with Extra Money
Oct 15, Blog Action Day
Yes It's Past 2am
Future Gymnast
This is my kind of summer camp
Hip Maternity Clothes
We've Got Contact
Disney Friendship Cup
Rude Awakening
Monotones, The
Challenge of Naming a Baby
21 Weeks and Going
Weight Loss and Alcohol Tolerance
When Children Learn Financial Responsibility
It's Hot and I'm Pregnant
Return of the G-Clan
Week 16 and Counting
Make a Difference Through a Gift
Update on Jeli
Cool Library Program
Video of Jeli Bean
Key Ordeals
Photos from Hawaii
Maui Rainbows, Amazing!
Kauai Weather
36 Hours in Hong Kong
Bad News on B-School
Maternity/Pregnancy Advice
We've Got a Heartbeat!
A Goat Can Really Save a Village
A Whole Box of Chocolates
Weekly Papercuts
Filipino Home Cooking
NYC Places to Eat
NYC in the Winter
Praise vs Effort
Big Cars for Now
American Capitalism
Grease & Childhood Memories
I Miss My Family
Blossom Birth Resources
Lots o' changes happen'
Green Clothes?
Tea, comfort drink for the soul
IA Summit 2007 or Bust
Wedding Shoes
Flu vs. the OC
First an Action Figure...
Halfway there..
Lots o' News from all our Family
Job Posting for Friend
For the most part...
WSJ January 3, 2007
25% Done
What Santa Didn't Get Me
Update on Beard Papas
Holiday Detox
Power to Be Ineffective
Our Green Tank
Local Bay Area Artist
Official Certificate in the Mail
Questions to Ask Evaluating Restaurants
Lots o' Photos
Mommy Inventions + sales = $$$$
Where Web2.0, market research & microformats
Librarian Tattoos
It's Crab Season!!!!
Yahoo SVP Hates Peanut Butter
Furiously Cleaning
Usability Toolbox
Mega-church Member New Demographic
Really Reading WSJ Again
And I thought 1100sq ft was too small
Who Had Too Much to Drink?
Addicted to Google Game
Web 2.0 Meet Web 3.0("Semantic Web")
What's a 2 Star Michelin Rating Like?
Tax Season Will Be Here Soon
Spa Living Full-Time
Cops & Agents Roaming Around
Hunt for Multi-Function Sofas
Moving On Over to...
Following Alicia
Creative Bliss
Christmas Gifts that Make a Difference
All the Leaves are Brown...
Full on with Children's Writing
Random Stuff Today
Tea Pot Wish List
Happy Birthday to gal at gym
It's all done!!!!
This is a difficult month...
Final Exam in Managerial Accounting
Oral Tradition Academic Journal
Big Warehouse Type Stores Make Me Sick
Great Meld of OPAC & Faceted Metadata Search
36 Hours in Steinbeck Country
Wanted: Librarians with Good Searching Skills
RIP: Bathroom TV
The People are Everywhere
Sure does bring back memories...
IDEA Conference October 2006, Seattle, WA
Elu Party at St. Supery
Handmade Products
No This is not about IA
First Coffee, Now Alcohol
How to make your workouts more interesting...
The Joys of 2 Screens
Save November 8 2006 for Children's Authors & Illustrators
Before the 405...
Tweeny Concert
Echo Earthquakes
Let's Catalog Them Books
Your Favorite Children's Books
No PDA for me... just my moleskin
More Updates on Alicia
What's the worst you can say to a French man?
Ok not too bad
Oh How I'm So Frustrated with Accounting
Children & the Internet: The Next Generation
The Only UC in the OC
Work at SBUX = Gain Weight
Home = Shipping Container
Librarian Comics
Now Online...16F9: J's debut on silver screen
Hoike: Presidio June 2006
Good Busy
Uber cute chinese zodiac cards
Exciting News about J's Company
KKSF Smooth Jazz at Ritz Carlton
For the Kid Inside Who Never Went to Summer Camp
Book Exchange & Book Lists
From the Land of Oz
Procrastination and Accounting
Depeche Mode: still a black celebration
The Article I Never Got a Chance to Write
April in Carneros
How I Spend Some of My Day
In Honor of the Roller
Prayer Request: Babies on my mind
Z-Coil Shoes: Testimonial
Yummy Goodness
Almost Homemade Cooking
Dunk Your Food Here
Great Fundraiser & New Sport Shop Discovery
When a Used Car Really Is a Better Deal
From HK Archives: Shop 'Til You Drop
No Sun!
Emotional Eating
Redwood City Blues Jam
Not feeling well...
Laughing until Your Sides Hurt
Forgot to Mention
Something to Smile About
Polar Bear 3: The Return of the IA
Real Stories Up Close and Personal
What Keeps My Sides Hurting in a Good Way
When It's All About Self-Control
RFJ: Request for Jacket
Ok Ex-AV'ers You'll Love this One
When It's Coming Down There's Still More To Keep it Going Down
All the Words are Mixed Up
When My Favorite Winery Has a Blog...
It's Beginning to Feel Alot Like Summer
When It's Coming Down
Sand Art but No Castles Here
IA Summit Program
Rom 15 13
What Time Is It In...?
My Laptop and Me
Government Watches the Search Box
Very very short stories from Hong Kong
Hong Kong: Places to Eat
Children's Lit: Each Peach Pear Plum
PhD in Theology or Philosophy
Combo Stores
The Challenge of Insomnia
Prayer Request for a bunch of folks...
Cleaning out camera
I guess bad guys win too
Trials with Origami or Opportunity for Paper Ornaments
Book Exchange Cocktail Hour
Brown Leather Cubes
Happy 2006
Wine or Whine about Madonna
Car Update
Chan Bistro & Bed/Breakfast
Car Accident
Christmas 2005
Update on Workouts and Stuff
We've Given In...
Domestic Life and the Challenge of Not Being Martha Stewart
Alternative Gifts for the Holidays
And then there was one...once again
It Really Kicked My Butt
Activities That Kick My Butt
Exotic Images...nah just some steller beings
Farthest Known Edge of Universe
Indescribable Tour
Wiki Entry on How To Race Your Car
Thought of the Day
Prayer Request: Car Pass Smog
Search for Librarian Theme Book Characters
Friends and Their Secret Projects
Artificial Ingredients in Organic Food
A Tourist Even in My Own Bay Area
Be Green at the Checkout
How difficult to learn Catonese?
Don't Pet My All-Clad
Eyes Wide Open...Ha Choo!
Live October 2005 NYC
A Book in NYC
Overview of NYC Sights
Missing HK
Friend's Blog from HK
Tactile Experience with Rugs
A Character in His Own Right
From Purses to Shoes
My Local Library
The Meaning of Self Induced Pain
From Pencil to Pen
Early to Bed, Early to Rise
What a trip!
Masochist for a Day
Food Reviews of San Antonio
Whirlwind Weekend
SA and Boots
Everything Is So Big
Pitcher of Sangria and Teaching Someone T9 Don't Mix
Katrina and the Waves
My Left Foot Conquers
I bet parents at WHS would not appreciate this
When the oven isn't hot anymore
Respect My Time
I want my own Trippens
Toaster Oven Savior
Remedy for headaches
Camry Sightings
Are you going to eat all those calories?
What I want for Christmas
God Seems to Always Have Reason for Things
Cleaning out the library
When You're Definitely Not in Control
Highs and Lows
Cleaning out the garage
Momentary Flashback
New Concept for Reality TV Show
New Home
The Painting Continues
Really Good Christian Music
Sign at Gym Today, Too Gross!
Walking on Cobblestone Barefoot, Good
Fun Sunburst Yellow Miata for Sale
More free time yoohoo
WebVisions 2005
Pregnant Circuit Trainer Kicks My Butt
Wahoo's Fish Tacos
Busy Weekend Down in LA
Boy He Looks Familiar
My Life in Gym Clothes
Did Ya Know...
Do Not Underestimate the Pregnant Training Instructor
Wild Mustangs Sighted and other Car Stuff
Not Really
I'm an Aunt Again
Remembering Tiananmen
One Room Down...more to go
Feel the Love
Jazz Attack, Collaboration of 4 Jazz Musicians
Gentlemen...err..and Lady Start Your Engines
Woohoo My Brother Mark Eloped Last Week in NYC
City Vs. Burbs
IA Summit 2006
Where He Calls I Will Follow
a musical baton: music nut? no not really
On a Christian Mission to The Top
Hi to My Hong Kong Visitors
Cup of Hot Cocoa
Publication: JoDI
May Afternoon at St. Supery
Floor Work Started Today
Wine Industry Catches Up to the Flattening of the World
Single Guy with Pink Carpet
More-with-Less Cookbook
Great Stuff Earlier this Week, Ended in Low
What Another Year Can Do To You?
What Happened to Me During the Mission Trip(Part 2)
Previous Mission Trip Clip
Birthday Soon
Procrastination and Human Resources
A Marriage 10 Years in the Making
Planning that Next Plane Trip
Mission Trip Part 1
Warning: Dim Sum Bad for Your Health
A Whirlwind of Travels
Update on Jal Neti Pot
Last Images of HK
The Challenge of Being Home
My T41 Died Tonight
Home...home in the suburbs
Extreme Spiritual Experience
Wealth in your face
The Comforts of Going Home
When I Can Only Say Thank You So Many Times
Winchester Mystery House Meets Urban Mega Mall
He's Too Sexy
Peterme Visits UPA Cocktail Hour
Having a Baby in HK?
HK Blogs Collected Recently
Another Reason Why School Libraries are Important
When there is no English
Catching Up on Uploading Photos
It's getting hot in here
Save the date: IA Cocktail Hour in HK
Cataloger's Home Library
Modern Design for Sustainability
Strange things to eat
Gung hei fat choy or Sai Nihn Fei Lok
Another Joins the 30-Something Club
Crossing a street, a crisis
Cell phones and the office
Taking the Bus
1st Nudist Beach in Asia
Homeopathic Remedy for Allergies
From the Vineyards in Napa to The Vine in Hong Kong
Leisure and Pleasure
Yes I have an accent, you do too!
Parody of Kung Fu and other classic movie elements
Beware: Librarian with Boxing Gloves
Tennis is BIG here
Quit your job!
The VIP Chef and Famous Restaurants
Fond memories as a Girl Scout
Mainland China 2004 etc.
Greetings to a new year
I wonder how many searches are really academic?
Abbrev and Acronyms in HK
Holding myself accountable
You know you're a local when...
Jeff a Librarian?
Bookstore Apartment
Are there IAs Around Here?
Ironic Tanning
Shopping Bags Everywhere
A little more about Causeway Bay
Nobody dines alone in Hong Kong
The Chan Hong Kong Tours Ltd
Side trips and other news
Credit Card Society
You can't get any whiter...really!
She handed me a vegemite sandwich
Iris Chang, Chinese-American Author Commits Suicide
What is China?
As I was walking down the street one day...
HK High Stress Place to Live
Voice Over IP
Halloween in Lan Kwai Fong
Minimal Cooking
K700i photos
Halloween in HK
Not Too Far from Home
Settling In
Random Outing
Sushi Shota
It's Bond...
Chinese Desserts
HK IA Cocktail Hours
Wine Librarians Association Meeting (FREE)
Lesson 1: How to Fit In
Finally..flat photos
Trying to Fit In
Holidays = No Routine
Sorry little news lately
Shake Well and Buy Often
First Images of J&ML Landing
Outside your window
D-Day...Departure Day
Vignette on A9(Amazon Search)
And then there was one...
Finished Second Tour of Duty
Hong Kong or Bust, pt 2
First Friday 2004
My Future in IA
New Music...Clouds
Porsche is Sold
Hong Kong or Bust
Renewal of my Faith
Camry is Sold
UPS Notifications for Delivery
On turning 30
Rested, Relaxed, Renewed
Gone in May
Rags online: Google
Leading from Within
Countdown continues
Track Bunny
Carnegie Hall is a Bust
Life Review Retreat
NPR covers the Search Business
Tracquest, April 17
Caring for your introvert
Material Dream
Dear Reader program
E46 Fanatics
So close to 30 and so close to loosing 30
French Laundry
Personal Information Management
Convergence of search scope
CNET Article: Small search engines
Mind over Body
Search Beyond Google
IA Summit is a Bust for Me
How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Google Research Papers
Possible Home Away from Home
Family over the holidays
IA Summit 2004 or Bust
B&A: My DC2003 Trip Report
A Cold IA in Paris
EMC buys Documentum
Dell Site Redesign
Librarian Action Figure: Here Now!
DC 2003 Trip Report, Coming Soon to an IA pub near You
The Pains of Email
OCLC vs. Library Hotel
VCs & Social Networking Applications
Resident Sociologist at MS - Social Networks
Google & Synonyms
Look Up Directory
Google Calculator
Faceted MT
Google's Enterprise Search
IA Summit 2004 & ASIST Annual 2003
Networked Information & the Government
Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
Good explanation of "Google Dance"
Amazon to provide full text search of books
Yahoo buys Overture
Best of 2 Worlds: Spas & Race Car Driving
Recovering & Reving Up
Got IAs in Florence?
Finding a Racetrack...Cars that is..
Just when I thought I was out of User Experience stuff
Gardening & Taxonomies
Love, Marriage and Food
Nature is in the air
Information Studies Programs
Wilshire Metadata/DAMA International
Information Flow: Ramana Rao
Birthday Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You
Software Programmers Innovate
Microsoft Search etc.
Porsche DIY & FAQ
CHI 2003 & Search Workshop
Update #2 on Foot
Search Logs & Content Analysis Following
Search Engine Watch Redesign
Information Retrieval & Library of Congress
B&A IA Summit 2003 Notes
Dining with Caltrain
Eating with a fork & spoon
CW's Convertible
IA Summit 2003 Photos
Happy Birthday Boxes & Arrows
Update: Foot
My Left Foot
IA Summit 2003
Urband Legends: Ideas that Stick
Design Patterns on Web, GUIs, and Mobile
Music from the heart
Search Engines Site
Margaritas & Volleyball
Life Questions
Weblog on an eductional plane
IA on my mind
Be True to Your School
Faceted Classification for the Common Person
Porsche & Cayenne
Mistaken Identity
AIFIA is born
Wanted: Wait Staff with PDA Experience
XML overview for Information Professionals
MBA or Bust
I in Ideas, I in Information Architecture
Congratulations Christina
Whining Part 2: Find, Locate, Search, Look For It...
JJG & Book Launch
Polar Bear II
LINE - Scap
HBO Docs & No Dumb Questions
Liz Cummings and Art
Whining Part 1
Singlefile: A way to organize your books
21st Century Librarian Award
DAMA International Symposium Report
Content Wire
Need for speed...
Adaptive Path's Lane Becker & Taxonomies
Be prepared for messy sauces
PeterMo Writes about "Findability"
Shameless Plug for My WishList
B&A: Interview with Samantha Bailey
Kevin Roberts & Lovemarks
Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
No Dumb Questions: A Short Documentary
Search Engine Meeting 2002
Bonnie Nardi & Communities
Forrester Event on Design
Information Standards...
BayCHI & Cooper
Content Management site
Semantic Web & Entrepeuners
Work Technology Organization
Activity Theory and Its Application to Information Systems
What does high speed cars and an IA have in common?
Famous Thesauri
Microsoft Cares about Taxonomy
IA Summit 2002
Boxes & Arrows Goes Live!
Boxes & Arrows: Coming Soon!!!!
Content Management Bible
Career Change from Ontology/LIS to IA
Where to start in taxonomy construction
Thesaurus Development & Management
SouthBay IA/UE Cocktail Hour
Research as Product
Designing & Managing an Experience
Disney Designs an Experience
What do Fish & Cheese have in common?
B-52 at the Skylark
Depth of Perception
Fellow GSLIS Alum in Print
What's Lisa Up to These Days
Sundance Festival
Ying and Yang of Metadata
ASIST IA Summit 2002
All I Need to Know I Learned in the DMV Line
Boxes & Arrows
Using New Blog
Economist.com: Peter Drucker Speaks When
"Life is a marathon and not a horse race..."
Store Catalogs
MBAs and IA as Revisited
Do user's really know what
HBR September 2001
Taking a Content Inventory (Web
How would you fit these
CHI 2002
Still Reflections
Use Case Scenarios and Metadata
Collaborative Tools
Peter Talks Classification
Three Cultures of Management: the key to Organizational Learning
HCI & business
Searching Behavior & Taxonomies
Taxonomies and Businesses
Rediscovering Dilbert
Discovering Your Own Interaction/Personality Style
MBAs and Meyer Briggs Test
Where MBAs and IA mix...
Future of IA according to M'Lisa
Paula Thornton and I have
Semantic Web Recently Lou Rosenfeld
So today is the first