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It's Bond...
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Not James Bond

Went to the Bond concert on Sunday night. Funny we were front row, and most of the concertgoers were not your typical rock concert type. I guess folks got confused when they see 4 beautiful women wielding classical instruments(violin, viola, cello) and they think a nice quiet evening.


Bond reinterprets favorite classical and pop pieces with funk, rock, and avant garde with their electrical and acousic instruments. I thought it was just really fun. For most of the concert folks sat in their seats just bobbing their heads or like me tapping my feet. The backup drums, keyboard, bass, guitar were just amazing in giving the quartet a nice funky rock beat. They even did some disco and hard rock music. Only during the last couple of songs and encore did they let folks in the back row come up front and you can really feel how excited everyone was to be able to see their favorite quartet play some fun rock music.

Of course Jeff appreciated the front row action, he admitted it was more fun than Mariah Carey.

Bond Website

On the same note of something different to classical roots, is the group, Amici Forever, who are opera singers. This is a group of 2 women and 3 men who are all equally attractive and classically trained in opera. Their innovation is not necessarily the music so much as being an "opera band" which happens to be the title of their first CD.

Amici Forever Website

Why does all this new, fresh, innovative talent come from the UK?

Posted on October 11, 2004 10:59 PM