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25% Done
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Ok one school down...3 more to go. Upenn went off yesterday and Stanford GSB is next Thursday...then Cal, and Harvard...woah! I haven't seen J work so hard and so passionately for something. I'm super proud of where he is in his career path and super excited of where he wants to go next. I'm dreading living where there is snow...and this time it really is a 2 year stint. IL was really cold and I never thought I'd ever consider living in it again...but you know Ivy league schools are where the snow and cold weather is. And of course everyone wishes for us to stick around; We just hope J gets into any of the schools. As soon as we find out in April, we'll post here for sure so stay tuned!

As for me, 25% done with a knitting project. 2 first cousins will be having babies this year one in early March and another one in mid-May...so I'm knitting up a storm. If you're one of those cousins then you know you're getting something handmade and truly from my heart. Did I mention I was in a knitting craze for holiday gifts for my friend, sisters-in-law, my mom and a cousin. At one point I knitted for 5 hours stretch, which gave me a bad trip afterwards. I couldn't eat or drink, like I had a really bad hangover, a pounding headache and just couldn't stand reading or surfing the net. That had to be the worst trip I've ever had.

Mental note, pace holiday knitting projects throughout the year and not in 2 week marathon. Scope out sales and save up to buy in bulk! Also don't hesitate to mail me some yarn if you'd like me to make a scarf/baby blanket...will start learning how to make sweaters shortly.

Posted on January 04, 2007 04:11 PM