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Some thoughts on current stocks/market
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Wow. We were having such a great upward trend the past few weeks and then all the Middle East challenges appeared which then effected oil prices. It's such a whirlwind of excitement and devastation. When world affairs really shake things up you see it trickle down to the stocks. Some of the highest volume change and price% change decrease include EPB at 1.75% but almost 3000% volume change. That's crazy volume change. FN and FNSR come up behind with a little over 1000% change in volume. FN had a -24.39% price%change and FNSR was -38.54% change. This is pretty hot stocks involve in some really fascinating changes for the technology sphere but slammed hard by recent political/global events. WOW! One of my vows this year was to be better about watching the overall market and track a few stocks with my old method(CANSLIM) but hoping to do more research on new methods while just holding long for more traditional holdings. I hope for more free time after the escrow closes on the house and I can refocus and maybe do more training in my stock portfolio.

Posted on March 09, 2011 03:19 PM