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IDEA Conference October 2006, Seattle, WA
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Peter Merholz(and some of his peeps) are organizing the IDEA Conference (IDEA stands for Information: Design, Experience, Access). It takes place October 23-24 in Seattle, WA.

It's a conference about the design of complex information spaces of all kinds, be they physical, virtual, or both.

This event is sponsored by the IA Institute.

Peter and crew are trying something different here. The conference features working designers (with a couple exceptions) working with a variety of media, environments, and tools, across a diverse range of disciplines, talking about their design work and processes.

Program Details

(most of the above directly from PeterMe email)
I'll probably be at the first day of the conference since I was already in town for another event.

Posted on August 24, 2006 10:53 AM


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