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December 27, 2006 09:34 PM Whine  |   Link
What Santa Didn't Get Me

I think I've written about the library comic book Unshelved. Well here are some items that Santa did NOT get me this year.

Food & Wine  |   Link
Update on Beard Papas

I can't believe this...they just opened up one in RWC near the new movie theatres. And just for kicks here's a list of all their cream puff flavors.

Don't bother clicking on nutrition value...because there is no nutrition value!

Whine  |   Link
Holiday Detox

Ok, so I need to drop the 5lbs from the holidays, on top of the 10lbs I gained this past year. I'm beating myself about gaining weight again since when I first lost 50 lbs a couple years ago. It was quite a dramatic lose. Now I'm finding myself trying things on and very disappointed in myself. So I'll be hitting up WW soon to get that 15+lbs off before we hit HI in April.

In addition to the usual sweets we had amazing homemade tamales and enchiladas for Christmas, courtesy of the Rodriguez familia in Lakewood. Two rounds of dim sum with the Chan clan and my immediate family. It didn't help that we found a "Beard Papa's" shop in Monterey Park, we had to get a dozen to share with the M/S families. Ohh was it so good with a cup of fresh ground coffee courtesy of the Ellen Degeneres Show(K and her mom were on the show for 12 days of Christmas, lucky for them they got a Melitta coffeemaker with weather). To top off the M family visit, we got some chorizo omlette burritos. Yummy!!!

Had a great time with the G Clan in San Diego(horror movie, great food, bonding time, gift xchange) and even had some great quality time with cousins and friends transitioning into new phases of their lives.

Unfortunately J didn't get as much time writing as he was hoping while we were in SoCA. Today he is writing like crazy. He's got about one week for Upenn and two weeks for Stanford. Please pray that I don't go crazy over the next couple of weeks. At least one of us has to stay sane!

As for the tv that died in the bathroom, well for Christmas J got a tv tuner/cable card for our media machine. Our media machine has become our pure entertainment machine from music, pictures, videos(more of me from Mt Fuji at 6 months old), dvds, games, and now tv! Woah too extreme, can't handle it.

Gifts were quite interesting this year since we spent many gatherings where children were the main focus. The scariest so far is the Dora Explorer that moved around even if you weren't playing with it. The noisiest has to go to the Toy Story Star Command Blaster gun with no volume control. With a 3 year old blasting away I had no choice but to hide her "favorite toy." Oh no, I think her mom will have to figure out how to disarm her after she finds the toy again. Thanks J for putting packing tape over the speaker of the blaster to soften the blasting. My favorite part of this holiday was playing Santa by preparing all tlhe toys that had to be "delivered" to the little ones where we were staying. It was quite fun and gave me some insights on what little kids like for Christmas. Just the cuteness factor alone in their reaction on Christmas morning was something to be treasured.

Returning to SoCA? Well we looked at some model homes near J&J's house, you really do get ALOT more for your money compared to the value of our house. While the space was nice, we feel somehow that we're more urbanites and living in MP is just temporary. Yes we miss living in HK and now we're wondering where we'll be next. Oh and it didn't help that when we left SJC it was around 55 and arriving in SD it was 75.

Our own gift exchange was very simple, I knitted a scarf for J and we both agreed to sponsor a child in Sri Lanka as a perpetual Christmas gift. She lives in Colombo, a region that was hit by the Boxing Day Tsunami. She's 4 years old and her birthday is in October. Hopefully someday we'll get a chance to meet her. Right now we're trying to figure out what pictures to send her and what to write in our first letter to her.

Pictures to follow shortly!

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Power to Be Ineffective

Generation Y + workforce = mediocrity

Talk amongst yourselves (Despair Inc.)

December 19, 2006 06:00 PM Cars  |   Link
Our Green Tank

It hauls our junk to the recycling center. It hauls our big asses up and down the 101. It protects us again from bad car accident.

J got into a card accident this morning. The tank got rear-ended on the 101 after a car had cutoff a car ahead of J. Which caused all cars to hit their brakes. Unfortunately the guy behind J was driving his pregnant wife to the doctor and just at the moment the cars ahead hit the brakes, the wife was having some pains that took the driver's attention away from the road. Thus, the tank getting rear-ended. J is ok and we're praying there are no side effects of whiplash etc. However I'd like to ask for prayers for the pregnant woman who was in the car that hit J. She was very rattled along with the driver. I can only imagine the fear of a terrible accident injuring the child.

Once again our 1995 volvo wagon a little banged up but still holding up...we're considering getting another car since this wagon has been hit two times now.

December 01, 2006 04:24 PM Just Because  |   Link
Local Bay Area Artist

Andrew Gurthet: watercolors, photography, scuplture

His artwork really does reflect his statements.

I want to slow down and just reflect on as much as I can see rather than get caught up in the world of instant messages, fast paced life and the stress of deadlines.

Just Because  |   Link

We opened the box, turned it on and pressed tummy.

J & me: rotfl along with TMX.

We first bought Tickle Me Elmo 10 years ago during the first craze and this TMX is just a hoot. It's alot more fun than the original and even more fun than my Furby from 1998.