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Camry Sightings
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I miss my 94 gold camry. I guess there were many made for that year because I see many of them in and around where I live. It's funny because it's been a year since I sold mine. It went to a neighbor around the corner but when we came back from HK they didn't have it anymore. I used to like seeing it parked out in front of their house. I wish I told them if they decide to sell it that I would take it back, but they probably sold it while we were gone. So when I see a 94 camry in the same color I try to see if it is the same license plate. Now I just wonder if I should go on the waiting list for the hybrid camry. They look really nice but the price is just so out there. Or perhaps I just give in and get a used 94 camry. I miss the capacity of hauling. The Civic is not anywhere close to the same capacity. Oh well just move forward and continue my research for V70Rs, Siennas, or Odysseys.

Posted on August 20, 2005 03:21 PM