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Final Exam in Managerial Accounting
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I'm getting closer to completing the certificate in business administration...and J is ramping up applying for b-school. We've been both sitting at the kitchen table the last several days. The final exam is 2 days away and I've been studying all day today, and actually for the past 2 weeks. My brain is going to explode soon. I've skimmed the chapters, reviewed all my quizzes, did extra problem sets, reread formulas, and reviewed objectives. I'm so anxious right now. I guess I should skip the latte(which I don't really drink) before the exam which of course is 3 hours with 30 multiple choice questions. I should schedule a nice lunch and spa treatment afterwards... details after Friday on results.

I'm really excited to get this done and over with. I can get back to my knitting projects, visiting with friends, maybe take some cooking lessons, and best of all get back to working on my cover letters to the publishers and revising my lizard story. I'm hoping to start submitting to the publishers by Thanksgiving or even try submitting to some children's writing contests. We'll see. I'm taking everything one step at a time.

Posted on October 04, 2006 09:21 PM