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Holding myself accountable
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Ok, I'm officially writing this here(even though I know I could easily delete this entry at a future date). Over the next few months I will write about my month off in Napa Valley last May. The time off was originally called A Life Review Retreat (a reference to Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life) but I think this time I'm calling it _30 Days after Turning 30: Finding Myself in Time_ Sounds a bit cheesy I know. The title will more than likely change but I have to start somewhere. I have endless pages of notes and thoughts from that time off but now it's a matter of structuring it into a story that most people can relate to and perhaps become a testimonial of how Jesus has changed my life in the last year. If you know me, you probably understand where I'm coming from with the title.

Posted on December 13, 2004 05:34 AM