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Random Stuff Today
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I started reading _Stop Your Cravings_ and there was a recommendation for a quick sweet warm treat...it's basically warm milk with cardamom, cinammon and some honey. I really like it. It helps me calm down from a busy day and it's nice to have while reading a book. It's similar to a chai latte without the black tea. My own honey spiced milk.

Sweaty Knees
I had one of the hardest workouts today. I knew it was very challenging when I was doing some weights while on my knees and I could see the sweat prints on my knees...not a pretty sight. However it's awesome to know I was working hard enough to have sweaty knees. I need to start seeing some results soon!

Writing for Kids Again
Started to do revise my lizard story again. I head off to Davis for an all day writing workshop. I'm probably going to sign up for a whole weekend retreat in Asilomar as well since it will help me get more stuff out. Going over all the publishers in children's book was a bit overwhelming since I'll have to write special cover letters for each submission. I'll keep everyone posted on how the submissions go. They usually take anywhere from 3-6 months to respond. I'll probably blog the whole experience in case others are thinking of doing the same thing. For now, I highly recommend the Society of Children's Writers and Illsutrators as a resource for getting started and being more professional about writing.

Posted on October 12, 2006 09:24 PM