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Catching Up on Uploading Photos
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Chinese New Year
Eating in HK
HKU Science and Technology
Photos in and around Causeway Bay
Product and Brand Expo
December School Outreach

Sorry these are like 3 months old but you know how you forget to develop film in your camera...well not uploading is the same experience. It just sits in your camera until you notice the next time you use it that you have lots of stuff.

Our time is winding down here but it hasn't stopped me from meeting more interesting people. For instance I took a day trip to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Clearwater Bay. I had a marvelous time chatting with VC about HKUST Library/life and it turned out she knew one of my colleagues at GSB Jackson Library. What a small world!

I'm really going to miss this place. While HK is small on the map there is just so much to do here. It turns out that a few more miles north of Clearwater Bay is Sai Kung where there is great windsurfing. Jeff hasn't had a chance to go but our friends G &S went a while ago and enjoyed it.

Ooh..and we just found a HK edition of Monopoly! We're buying a copy and bringing it home to stack on top of our Dotcom edition.

Posted on February 17, 2005 06:09 AM