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Yummy Goodness
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I know, I'm on weight watchers but really couldn't pass up the chance to make a special snack that we had while in Hong Kong. I guess I'm sentimental. Basically it's a thick slice of toast, slathered with peanut butter and drizzled all over with condensed milk. It's like a variation of peanut butter and jelly sandwich but instead of fruity sweetness you have this extra sweet creaminess on top and it is served open face. We ate this afternoon snack with tea back in HK and only after we had or were planning to go to the gym...you needed some way to burn off the calories. Eating it just now with J we began to reminisce of our old hangouts.

Here's a photo of it I found on Flickr.

Here's a better photo I took from one we made at home.

I guess I should take a photo of one that I make at home. However I do know of a couple HK style cafes in San Mateo and Milpitas that have them on their menu. I can't wait for the weather to get better to so I can truly enjoy mango with black sticky rice and coconut milk. If you're interested in a HK dessert run to Milpitas(there's a chain cafe from HK there) that serves up some of our favorite dessert, just email me.

Posted on April 03, 2006 09:18 PM


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