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Drugs on Money, Guitar, Used Cars...
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I have a friend who works for the government. I won't say what department or where but she mentioned that one part of her work is to test drug bust money for drugs. She mentioned that all money in circulation has some kind of trace of drugs on them. What triggered this old conversation this morning is that J has been buying and selling guitars online in search of the perfect fit and sound.

I jokingly mentioned that because of the typical characters he has to transact with for the guitar he should definitely clean the guitar really well or be faced with traces of drugs on the guitar. I know it's a really bad stereotype but I get all my facts from Rolling Stone. Also previous experience with some shady musician teacher type people kind of leaves a bad memory of what level of trust you could have. And we also have friends who are/were hardcore musicians and they've mentioned that its all part of the scene.

So with used guitars all over the house and me with my squeeky clean image, OCD tendencies and nesting in full swing...I want to go through the house and just swab it all down with cleansers.

Posted on September 13, 2007 08:11 AM