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Sorry little news lately
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We just got our apartment on Tuesday and with the Mid-Autumn Festival and locating free wifi we have had little time to be online. However I'm online now and trying to post photos and watching the presidential debate online.

1. Apartment info to be sent out shortly.
2. Photos are uploaded sequentially in the album. I'll organize them when we get wifi at our apartment.
3. Jeff has started working so we're on somewhat Pacific Time now.
4. We're going to check out "Bound" and "The Eagles" this month.
5. Travel arrangements are starting to happen...if anyone visits, we can probably host about 2 people. We have a 1 bedroom place in Causeway Bay. We're planning to head to China in December. Nothing else planned yet.

I promise to write more about our observations in the coming days.

Posted on September 30, 2004 07:26 PM