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June 20, 2010 08:21 PM Just Because  |   Link
At the Park

B's Treehouse in the Park

Celebrating Father's Day at Holbrook Palmer with the Haines. Taking a break from the sun in her own treehouse.

June 19, 2010 01:03 PM Whine  |   Link
Sometimes Emotional Eating is the Only Way

B woke up several times last night(she even fell asleep in the hallway clutching her book) and gave me and J just a few hours of sleep(maybe 4). We decided to lock our door and just hope that C didn't wake up. Around 4:30am C woke up and we just let him CIO neither one of us had the energy/clarity/strength to pick him up and he eventually went back to sleep 5 minutes later. When you're really tired and baby is crying sometimes it's better that you don't pick them up since you are not coherent enough to be balance or awake enough to even hold properly. So all morning we've been walking around the house in a daze, too scared to even walk outside. So we just ate many of the treats I bought for Father's day and eating through snacks and other processed food. We sort of feel better but I know we're going to hit a crash from all the "bad" food pretty soon. I'm so ready to take a nap but C is just having just as bad a morning with no naps.

June 18, 2010 01:17 PM Just Because  |   Link
These are days...

Nothing much going on at home besides some basic renovations(new roof, new paint and floors in kitchen.) Just caring for 2 kids and not stressing out anymore about what to do about work. I focus on the kids and home and let J deal with work. It's really helped me understand my role and he's been helpful when I'm too tired. We still have a nanny part time to help through the summer as we venture to various activities around the SF Bay Area. For photos and video please email me so that I can connect you with our flickr account if you aren't already on Facebook. I rarely post photos here but if I do it's probably from way back when and just one offs.

Travel  |   Link
Ice Cream at Jardin du Luxumborg Summer 2009


Some blast from the past. We had just finished watching the puppet show that was in French and it was just too hot to sit still for so long. No A/C in the theatre. We left at the break and got some ice cream. Of course I had to share. She loved to say "ICE CREAM" while eating it. So cute we took lots of photos.