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Live October 2005 NYC
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We didn't take as many photos as we wanted. We forgot to take photos with Lorenzo and Marissa the wonderful couple I stayed with in Napa in 2004 who we stumbled across at Century 21...nor St. Luke's AME in Harlem where Al Sharpton was speaking...nor did we take photos at all the food places we went to...and unfortunately no photo with Michael A and other relatives...major bummer!!!! Either way here are a few of sights we did remember to take photos.

We arrived and the rain stopped...when we were sitting on the airplace to return home it began to rain hard again. Wow we totally missed it. It would have been a miserable trip walking around in the rain. More details shortly for each of the restaurants, clubs, bars, lounges and places we saw shortly.

The best tea I've ever had was at the T Salon. Purchased a dozen oz of 4 blends for a hefty price but it's so worth it. Just a little goes a long way without steeping for less than a minute...rich and bold...with nice aromas...I think my wine training is effecting how i drink tea now ;) Maybe someday I'll have to open a Tea Bar or Tea Salon...maybe something like Moby's Teany but with real eletronic music and a dj. Had a fun time people watching and having a nice afternoon tea at both places with my fav cuzn.

We're definitely adding NYC to our friends and family "Share the Love" annual tour of San Diego, Lakewood, DC and Chicago. Stay tuned for additional locations and tour dates!

Posted on October 23, 2005 05:46 PM