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Update on Jeli
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Well I'm at 15 weeks today. Had a very quiet day since my nausea has really kicked my butt. This past week has been the worst so far in my pregnancy. I was really sick to my stomach(aka vomiting) for 4 day straight, hardly anything really staying down. I've lost a couple lbs this week. Dr got me on some OTC meds for the nausea. I hope it works since I don't wnat to get into any heavy duty meds so soon.

Why have I lost weight? I get this quesy feeling every time I get hungry or I'm full or when I'm about to brush my teeth. Certain smells including dirty laundry, stinky cheeses, raw meats, and body odor(gym smell) have been some triggers. It hasn't been fun. Except for a couple of business trips this week(which forces me to keep plastic bags on myself for emergencies) I've been just stuck at home. The video editing was on hold since things got busy for J but it's ok since I haven't done dishes in a wihle or picked up after myself so I'm not pressing for any domesticity or urgency on anything. I'm just feeling blah!

So I guess Jeli is doing fine since the hormones must be raging right now which keeps Jeli going. I'll be seeing the doctor again in another week so maybe we'll get to see some video again. Some say you can make out the gender of the baby around 16-20 weeks. We're scheduled already in June for the official ultrasound to determine that but we may get a sneak preview in another week.

Posted on May 13, 2007 04:46 PM