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Convergence of search scope
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Google & Yahoo are head to head right now in the Internet search arena. One aspect of their offerings that has been very intriguing for me is their "deep web" content. From Fedex/UPS to airplane status of arrival, what these search engines are doing is bringing together semi-structured/unstructured information with more structured information. A few years ago librarians were complaining that search engines don't have it all and would point users to other resources. I think what would have been more exciting if librarians and search engine developers joined forces to bring them together.

The past few years here I've been trying to find ways to show that when people see one search box, it's supposed to find all the information you want. I really feel bad to have to give so many search boxes that various levels of scope and types of information. I really see the future going more towards search engines that can handle all types of content from various sources. I think the next step is how metadata/taxonomies can play a role in making the convergence more of a reality.

I may not be working at Google or Yahoo, but attempting to make this happen on a small scale enterprise environment is an interesting challenge. So if Google/Yahoo(and even Microsoft) are listening...I'm more than up to the challenge of helping bridge the gap.

Posted on March 15, 2004 09:00 AM