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a musical baton: music nut? no not really
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Michael Angeles just passed me a musical baton that was passed to him from Tanya.

Total volume of music on my computer
2640 songs, 8.3 days, 11.99 GB
Not really that much but then again I'm not really into that much music.

The Last CD I Bought
Jonathan Butler, Jonathan

Song Playing Right now
Star Me Kitten, REM Automatic for the People

Five songs I listen to a lot, according to iTunes "Most listened to" Smart List
Refiner's Fire
These Ordinary Days - Jarys of Clay, The Eleventh Hour
Something Beautiful - Jars of Clay, The Eleventh Hour
The Eleventh Hour - Jars of Clay, The Eleventh Hour

Ok, yes I'm into Christian oriented music :) I also make my playlists on iTunes for our worship band since I'm one of the singers and have to practice and listen to new music often.

Who am I passing this on to?
don't really plan to since I know many folks don't like chain letters

Posted on May 23, 2005 02:14 PM