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When You're Definitely Not in Control
Whine  |   Link

I think the whine is back!

So I keep thinking I can get back into the saddle of IA work, but somehow the writing projects come to the front. I'm not sure if I'll ever be back in IA when the track record seems to be directing me closer to the writing. Ok I put my arms up in the air and just remind myself, "I"M NOT IN CONTROL."

I can be pretty overconfident sometimes about my abilities but it's not documented in the same way as traditional IA folks are. Like I can show you a great excel spreadsheet of a taxonomy project I did last year and then describe the card sort exercises we did on business topics, but heck my IA and interaction design portfolio is of some really old stuff like 4 years old. Gosh who would have thought that 3.5 years doing management work would challenge me getting a job in the trenches. And then I remind myself that maybe it's not the trenches where I should be, perhaps it's more project management and relationship building in the context of product development...who knows. I think this week is going to be a contemplation week, aka whine.

I guess I can tap the IA network again but my heart seems to be growing more towards the 2 picturebooks I have in hand. Now I guess I need to rewrite/edit/review and start my assembly line for publshing house submissions and attending the many workshops and get togethers in the SCBWI community.

It's starting all over again. The excitement of meeting new people, finding out who are the stars, reading up on the "how to's" and of course attending my annual conferences. Maybe I should do websites in the next month, one for my IA portfolio and one for my writing. Right now I think whining is helping me get through this.

Or maybe I should accept the fact that I'm a comfortable housewife dabbling in the stock market. Yes with a hired housekeeper. "Ngoh haih tai-tai" Now I just need to find a group of housewives who are free for book clubs/hikes during the day/lunch/or afternoon tea. Perhaps Hong Kong is really where I need to be, dim sum every other day, tai chi at the local park, tea in the afternoon, life drawing classes at the Y, writing workshops at the local club... It also seems that there are more tai-tai in HK.

So if you're a stay-at-home mom, unemployed, in between projects, housewife, or indepedently wealthy, I'm free for day activities or travels to NY/HK/Europe j/k :)

Posted on August 03, 2005 05:48 PM