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Pilipino Food Workshop Part I
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I've decided to tackle the collection of recipes my mom gave me a few years ago. I know some of them by heart but having them in writing is definitely a great treasure of all my pilipino food memories. I'm planning to invite a couple friends to go shopping with me at a local Asian market and then head to my house to cook something up for dinner or afternoon snacks. I'm planning to schedule these from month to month or when I feel like cooking.

1: Adobo Chicken with Jasmine Rice and Leche Flan
2. Siapao(Cha-siu-bao from chinese influence) and Mami(noodle soup)
My mom always served these together for some reason. Itís definitely comfort food. Iíve made these before with my mom supervising, but itís been more than 10years since Iíve done it.

3. Snacks: cunchita, puto(yes it is called this and no itís not a foul word in tagalog) I have never attempted these before so this will definitely be a big experiment.

4. Pancit(noodle dish) & lumpia(fried egg rolls)
Will probably do 2 versions of this pancit depending on the type of noodles I find at the market.

5. Pan de Sal(salt bread) major staple bread in the Filipino diet and will be my first time attempting at home and without my mom!

I have a bunch of other recipes, but these were the first ones that I thought I should really learn to cook. I will also document the process with pictures and/or video. I'm hoping my guests/sous chefs will also enlighten me with some feedback and what kinds of changes can make it better. I wish I had a bigger house/kitchen and I'd invite more than 2 or 3 at a time.

Posted on September 08, 2011 10:30 PM