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When Spouse Readies for B-School
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So J is applying to just one program, the eMBA program at Wharton West. It's a pretty impressive program. I'm trying to find information on how family support plays a role in the sucess of the applicants/students.

The reason I'm trying to find other families that will potentially enter the same time as J is that it is a very time intensive program. Classes are Friday/Saturday every other week for 20 months. There are occassional travel to Philadelphia and other countries. The only information I haven't found is what happens to the families. Are there family events or even support groups for family members to feel plugged into the bigger community? It's a big investment on the student's time and money and I would imagine there would be support resources for their family.

Application for first round is due December 1st. J is already in study & writing mode for the past several weeks. I hope we make it through to December. Results come in early January. This is when prayers are definitely needed to reduce stress and for J to succeed during this process of writing and GMAT.

Posted on September 04, 2011 08:18 PM