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November 18, 2005 03:05 PM Whine  |   Link
Activities That Kick My Butt

1. I've already mentioned Boot Camp and Circuit Training in previous posts but somehow it never gets easier just more difficult. I'm doing much better on the chin up bar and I think I'm down to 8 or 9 minute mile. I'm excited but still hoping to be a faster runner. I've lost inches all around and I'm alot stronger. I can lift the mattress on my own and to a certain extent even the couch.

2. Biblical Hebrew really kicked my butt. I took 7 of 10 classes which was more than what I expected. So it's not at all like modern hebrew as the teacher told us on the first day but can read the characters and sound out words. I'm not too good on translation but that what's dictionaries are for. There are many grammar rules that are starting to make sense but everything was going too fast during class especially since many of my classmates were already somewhat familiar with hebrew from their bar/bat mitzvah days. What I really liked about this class was our weekly translation of actual biblical scripture from hebrew to English. I really enjoyed that. I feel a bit accomplished after each class. Also after each chapter there are about a 12 hebrew scripture to translate and I found myself looking forward to get to the end just so I can sit and translate.

3. BSF: I knew I needed structure in studying the bible but didn't know there could be such a disciplined program. I'm glad I'm doing it and it gets me out of the house to meet more people. I love it! I'm pretty excited and look forward to the daily homework. I'm learning so many new things.

All in all I think I'm a sucker for self-torture both intellectually, spiritually and physically. I hope I can keep it up but I'm starting to feel rundown. I don't want to loose momentum but there are so many other things going on that it's hard to know where to slow down.

November 15, 2005 11:25 AM Information Architecture  |   Link
Exotic Images...nah just some steller beings

I just had to post this taxonomy. It's from the hubbsite categories for browsing their archived images. I'd probably want to add another layer depth of colors and perhaps possible images in the photo. It feels too scientific for me and even confused cosmology for cosmetology. However I did like how they provided the number of images available under each heading and subheading however the numbers don't always add up. I appreciated the catch all category of Miscellaneous, click on it and you really do get some random photos in there. To keep from being overwhelmed by text they use some icons to help you dig into more metadata about the image. Very useful key on the right side so not to clutter the main focus of the results page. Option to narrow the results by browsing along 2 pieces of info was also helpful. I think this has to be a really interesting merge of search/browse experience with user option to change display, breadcrumbs for the taxonomy and navigation to go to other types. Would have been nice to be on the team who planned this taxonomy and its display.

Spirituality  |   Link
Farthest Known Edge of Universe

(X Structure almost looks like a cross from Hubble Site)

November 12, 2005 03:57 PM Spirituality  |   Link
Indescribable Tour

What do you get when you cross fun rock music, a preacher, and 2000 concert goers?

A worship concert 3 hours long at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship. Amazing spiritually moving music and an amazing speaker talking about God, Jesus and the universe. Great set of music and even a little bit of a personal side to the musical talent including a snippet of Michael Jackson's Beat It, Sweet Home Alabama, and On the Road Again by Chris. Had a long night but everything was just absolutely fun. I've been so many different kinds of concert Guns and Roses/Metallica, Depeche Mode, Jimmy Buffet, Prince, Madonna and warehouse raves so you can just imagine the Indescribable tour just blowing away my expectations about worship concerts.

Chris Tomlin

November 09, 2005 01:47 PM Cars  |   Link
Wiki Entry on How To Race Your Car

This was just too cute to pass up.

How to Race Your Car

One alternative is to do autocross. Many of the race clubs offer this more low key version of racing your car. I did it once a few years ago and did really well. PCA hosts many of these.

I think the best is to find women run track events. There's a different style of teaching and interaction that doesn't involve a bunch of guys scratching themselves or spitting or telling really profane jokes.

Another alternative is to do go-karts. They are much smaller really fast vehicles but it's usually in an open cart, around fairly complicated race tracks, and you're closer to the ground. Two in our area are quite fun, Go-Kart Racer in Burlingame and Speed Ring in Santa Clara. Malibu Grand Prix is ok but you're on your own on the track. The other two are wheel to wheel racing.

Never got the chance to do another tracke event and will probably have to wait a while again for that itch to get a racing type car.

November 07, 2005 12:37 PM Spirituality  |   Link
Thought of the Day

Immunity to time, to change. Sensation
Of perfect safety, the sense of being
Protected from what we loved
And our intense need was absorbed by the night And returned as sustenance.
-- Louise Gluck

November 03, 2005 02:25 PM Spirituality  |   Link
Prayer Request: Car Pass Smog

This is kind of weird to put this request online but this situation has been quite frustrating for us, especially J. We are in the process of selling our black miata but it has to pass smog(3x already). We bought it without the owner smogging it ahead of time and Jeff has had to figure out how to return all the stock parts back into the car to get it to pass smog. We're asking for prayers that Jeff can get the car into shape to pass smog so that we can sell it.

Update: J tried again today and it finally passed. We'll be selling the black miata shortly. If interested feel free to contact me.

Books I've Read  |   Comments (0)  |   Link
Search for Librarian Theme Book Characters

If you've read a book that has a librarian or librarian-type character in it, please write me. I'd like to put a personal collection of children's and adult's books with this theme. Thank you.

November 02, 2005 01:33 PM Information Architecture  |   Link
Friends and Their Secret Projects

Adam of v-2.org is up to some interesting work these days. It turns out he has a new book coming out soon.

Everyware:The dawning age of ubiquitous computing

November 01, 2005 07:55 AM Food & Wine  |   Link
Artificial Ingredients in Organic Food

This is what I get worried about when big businesses want to take over the definition of "organic foods" while lobbying Congress.

"What is Organic? Powerful Players Want a Say" (NY Times, free reg required)

"The debate has been under way for several years. But last week, Senate and House Republicans on the Agriculture appropriations subcommittee inserted a last-minute provision into the department's fiscal 2006 budget specifying that certain artificial ingredients could be used in organic food."

It leaves a question in your mind, how organic is organic when you're paying at least 20% more for food at places like Whole Foods.