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May 24, 2007 07:58 PM Just Because  |   Link
Week 16 and Counting

We visited the OB on Wednesday and we finally heard the heartbeat. It was quite amazing to hear how fast it was going. The NP mentioned it was around 150-160 beats per minute. Wow! So things are progressing well however the last 5 weeks were really trying. Somehow my nausea/vomiting hit me while we were in HI and a week or so ago I had the worst moment where it wasn't stopping and I couldn't keep anything even water down. So I changed my diet and I'm down to really small meals(aka snacks) every 2 hours with lemonade or water only 30 minutes before or after a meal. So if you were to see me one day you'd think I was a pig just snacking all day. It's a really rough day if I don't nap too. All in all things are well.

BSF just ended and I shared today on our last day of class. I stepped down as CA since it will be quite difficult to manage all the materials and stuff with a baby due in the fall. At our last leader's meeting the ladies were so wonderful to give me some shower gifts. I was in complete shock. I was totally not expecting it and just in total shock and didn't even want to be in the center of all of it. I was just amazed at how loving and caring all these women were to me. Now I have a baby tub, baby's first read-along bible, cute baby praise & worship music and tub full of other essentials. I have been so blessed by these women and in serving the Lord. I hope someday I'll be able to bring along Jeli to BSF preschool when I return to class in maybe 2 years.

A couple more weeks and we'll find out if Jeli is a boy or a girl. We're really excited.

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Make a Difference Through a Gift

I've shared in previous posts on ways to make a difference in the world by making donations in honor of special events. My friend Avinash shared Changing the Present with me the other day. It's similar to Heifer International and Alternative Gifts where you can donate money to fund specific projects around the world that really makes a difference in many lives. I hope you consider these sites when thinking of birthday or holiday gifts.

May 13, 2007 04:46 PM Just Because  |   Link
Update on Jeli

Well I'm at 15 weeks today. Had a very quiet day since my nausea has really kicked my butt. This past week has been the worst so far in my pregnancy. I was really sick to my stomach(aka vomiting) for 4 day straight, hardly anything really staying down. I've lost a couple lbs this week. Dr got me on some OTC meds for the nausea. I hope it works since I don't wnat to get into any heavy duty meds so soon.

Why have I lost weight? I get this quesy feeling every time I get hungry or I'm full or when I'm about to brush my teeth. Certain smells including dirty laundry, stinky cheeses, raw meats, and body odor(gym smell) have been some triggers. It hasn't been fun. Except for a couple of business trips this week(which forces me to keep plastic bags on myself for emergencies) I've been just stuck at home. The video editing was on hold since things got busy for J but it's ok since I haven't done dishes in a wihle or picked up after myself so I'm not pressing for any domesticity or urgency on anything. I'm just feeling blah!

So I guess Jeli is doing fine since the hormones must be raging right now which keeps Jeli going. I'll be seeing the doctor again in another week so maybe we'll get to see some video again. Some say you can make out the gender of the baby around 16-20 weeks. We're scheduled already in June for the official ultrasound to determine that but we may get a sneak preview in another week.

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Cool Library Program

Got a note from a dear friend who just made a donation to this program, Room to Read. They provide education and library resources to developing countries. It sounds really cool and looking forward to diving more into their website.

Thanks M family!