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Missing HK
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It's one of those days that something from a Podcast of our church services from HK just touch off emotional memories of who we were before. I've been trying hard to keep going like we're still there but it's completely impossible. While culturally of course it can't but you know the car gets in the way...the church is not the same spiritually for us...and we've become complacent. We miss HK...not just the place but who we were when we were there. Only a short time but we were really striving to be the people we wanted to be...spiritually, phyisically and intellectually growing. Here it's all blah. What's missing? The interesting mix of international ideas, beliefs, a spiritually moving group of friends who really taught us what it means to share Christ with everyone, anywhere on the street, the convenience of living in the city where a variety of public transportation was available and useful. Life without a car, and a small apartment can really change your outlook on life. I don't think we can really do that where we live. So between the Godcast, emails from 2 very dear friends from HK, missing out on life milestones of close friends/family, yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster of missing what we left behind in HK. Maybe someday we'll be back there again...

Posted on October 13, 2005 11:33 AM