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Hip Maternity Clothes
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Don't limit yourself to maternity stores. Current fashions really are generous in cut for mothers to be. Some great finds recently have been H&M as well as Forever 21 in San Francisco. I would also recommend that you don't buy too many pieces at one time. You definitely grow in ways you'd never expect. Also don't get rid of pieces too quickly since after the baby is born in most cases you really can't get back into pre-preg clothes. Some women have been recommending I hold on to 2nd trimester clothes since those would be the most comfortable right after having a baby. However depending on the style and if you breastfeed, 2nd tri clothes could be a challenge.

I'm at 27 weeks and back working out in the gym including a pre-natal exercise class. I'm still doing consulting and a myriad of other activities. The baby has definitely setup a wake/sleep pattern and will need to document and compare for when she is born.

Been very tired after hosting 2 weeks of cousins from IL on top of writing an article for Boxes and Arrows and doing a couple projects. Just selling stuff to clear up space for the baby room and getting excited to start assembling the crib and other baby furniture. I've been tempted to buy the really good stuff but I also know that if they get scratched or damaged I'd be very upset. So trying to stay within a budget and surfing Craigstlist.

Posted on August 07, 2007 07:45 PM