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Exotic Images...nah just some steller beings
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I just had to post this taxonomy. It's from the hubbsite categories for browsing their archived images. I'd probably want to add another layer depth of colors and perhaps possible images in the photo. It feels too scientific for me and even confused cosmology for cosmetology. However I did like how they provided the number of images available under each heading and subheading however the numbers don't always add up. I appreciated the catch all category of Miscellaneous, click on it and you really do get some random photos in there. To keep from being overwhelmed by text they use some icons to help you dig into more metadata about the image. Very useful key on the right side so not to clutter the main focus of the results page. Option to narrow the results by browsing along 2 pieces of info was also helpful. I think this has to be a really interesting merge of search/browse experience with user option to change display, breadcrumbs for the taxonomy and navigation to go to other types. Would have been nice to be on the team who planned this taxonomy and its display.

Posted on November 15, 2005 11:25 AM