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HBO Docs & No Dumb Questions
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Want to hear more about what's been going on with Melissa Regan's "No Dumb Questions"?


Looking for something fun to do in San Francisco at 8pm on Tuesday, August 6?

How about in New York on September 13, 20 and 25th?

Come see "No Dumb Questions" as part of the HBO Frame by Frame Documentary Film Series!

As HBO says, "There really are no dumb questions in this touching journey of
acceptance for three young sisters whose Uncle Bill becomes Aunt Barbara."

Each year HBO runs a documentary film series in New York. This year, for
the first time, they're coming to San Francisco. If you're looking for
other great doc's to see on the big screen, check out the full schedule:

What's been happening with "No Dumb Questions" this summer?

1) "No Dumb Questions" is now online! Well, a short clip, anyway.
See it at: www.skyy.com"

Why the SKYY Vodka site? SKYY sponsored the recent
"Audience Award for Best Short Film" at the Los Angeles Film Festival,
and is celebrating by hosting clips of the winners.

2) More festivals and more awards: 25+ festivals and 10 awards in all!
I'm grateful to all of the festivals, audiences and juries who have been
touched by the family and kids in the film. Your support is helping so much
to build awareness about the film to youth groups, churches, schools, and
families around the world.

Posted on August 03, 2002 11:58 AM