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The Challenge of Being Home
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My official whine now I'm back:

Isn't it strange that when you think you're home you feel that you aren't. Somehow we're both really missing our friends and family back in Hong Kong. I didn't think 6 months could have such an impact on us. There are of course things that we won't miss, like the pollution, but there are so many more things that we do miss. For instance, we both really dislike long commutes and looking for parking. Walking everywhere was so much more enjoyable. The weather is definitely alot more cooler here and wet! But I guess when summer hits HK it would be a bit miserable. The other thing that we noticed is how where we live is definitely NOT culturally diverse. I thought the US was supposed to be the melting pot of the world, if anything I felt like it was more of a melting pot in HK. I've never met so many different kinds of folks concentrated in a small area. Maybe it's where we live, maybe SF would have more cultural diversity but it's definitely eerie when you're the only minority in a room of 200 people. The other thing now that Jeff is back at work in a real office, I feel super isolated in the suburbs. From thousands of people around my neighborhood to feeling like the only person on the street. I haven't seen anybod on the streets and seeing all these SUVs reminds me of our dependence on middle east oil.

I'll probably notice more of the differences over the next few weeks but I'm really excited to see friends and family again here on this side of the Pacific. It will definitely be a challenge not to miss HK but who knows where our path will lead us.

Posted on April 04, 2005 09:35 AM