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Happy Birthday to gal at gym
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...I would whine but it's really kind of sweet.

Saturday if you were a guy, you hoped that your wife didn't see the Mercedes R parked in front of the gym with the big red bow and Happy Birthday sign on it. You probably even groaned and realized that your wife/partner/gf would see it and of course the bar would be set really high for your next gift.

On Saturday if you were a gal, you swooned over such a romantic gift and wished your husband/partner/bf would surprise you with something really sweet. Wondering wow, that guy is a total keeper!

When I got to my group workout, everyone was congratulating the guy in class for such a nice surprise. Some waited after the class to see her reaction, others just walked by to check out the car. I think it was just really neat. Happy Birthday D-.

Posted on October 10, 2006 07:44 PM