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PhD in Theology or Philosophy
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To the common person heck it's the same thing...a PhD in something accredited...but when you look under the hood they are definitely related but with a very specific path or career goal. I've been doing research on pursuing a PhD or MA in Divinity or Philosophy. I'm still not sure which direction and the costs are a bit prohibitive especially if you pursue a more religious orientation since financial aid is not quite the same. So I continue to pray on direction and hope something will reassure me of a decision either way.

I know for sure I just need to first complete my certificate in business. The last class is accounting. Argh!

Have you ever heard of a corporate chaplain? They have ministers for hospitals, military, and police departments, but I'm wondering if at larger companies they have a list or roster of local ministers for employees to connect similar to how they have counselors available through an 800.

Don't worry I won't start rambling on about this particular topic if I ever meet up with you. It's definitely sitting in the back of my mind.

Posted on January 13, 2006 12:19 PM