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When the oven isn't hot anymore
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I got myself an oven thermometer since I had this strong feeling the oven didn't get as hot as it used to. So I made lasagna yesterday and preheated the oven. Looked at the new gadget and it was off by 50degrees. Now that's odd...so I crank up the oven and it still didn't get there even when I cranked it up by 50 degrees. Maybe my oven feels it doesn't want to be hot anymore. Maybe it's jealous of the bbq grill. I didn't know appliances could be so tempermental. Oooh...I feel a new kid story on the verge of being born...

First the microwave sibling rivarly...the oversized fridge that sometimes I even need a step ladder to get to the top shelf....and the floor that doesn't stay white...argh. Hoping to redo the kitchen next year...

Posted on August 26, 2005 03:13 PM