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The Comforts of Going Home
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I'm sitting here with my Total Greek Yogurt with Greek Honey, something of a sweet treat from back home(Trader Joe's) that I found at the local grocery store here. I'm not Greek, but it was something I bought quite often before we left CA. Each time I take a spoonful I start thinking of back home. You know the comforts of favorite places, our soft bed, lots of space at home to retreat to after a long day at work, and best of all the familiarity of everything around you.

Whenever I buy a US imported product I get all homesick. I know that it's expensive but somehow knowing that I can get my Tide or my box of Honey Nut Cheerios just makes me feel a little bit better about being here. It's not that I don't want to be here, but it gets a little frustrating to pick up items with Chinese written all over them and not knowing what exactly is in it. We have friends who have recommended more local products for basic needs which are inexpensive. I've tried them and they are pretty good quality stuff. However I can imagine expats here pretty much pay for the expensive stuff just to have something resembling a life back home. I can see that I'm in their camp once in a while.

Growing up in Cerritos(a suburb of LA County) I remember my family pretty much shopping 90% of the time at asian markets(which were pretty much everywhere in Cerritos), 5% Costco, and 5% the local market . The local chain of Albertson's or Safeway was just a block away from our house but mom would go at least 2 miles to an asian market. So being on the opposite side of the situation I can totally relate to looking for imported goods from my "motherland."

All I know is right now, I'm enjoying my yogurt and I'm really missing home. 3 weeks more until we're back!

Posted on March 10, 2005 03:44 AM