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Where He Calls I Will Follow
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I'm quite busy these days, but not because I'm working. I'm actually at home doing a variety of projects that we've put off the last 5 years. Ever since HK and especially the mission trip our wants have greatly diminished especially of upgrading sports cars and running them on the track. But the biggest challenge is I know where He wants me to go and in some strange way I get differing signals from the world about what I need to do. There's all this pressure to be a certain way, have certain values, make money and buy stuff you don't need, and to depend only on yourself. The biggest challenge right now is that we're back now and we're slowly morphing to our old ways of complacency. Everything feels the same at the same time feeling so unfamiliar. I know something is moving us to do more or do less but just not here and still not sure what it is.

Posted on May 24, 2005 08:40 AM