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The People are Everywhere
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SU students are probably starting to return...even though classes probably don't start until the end of September. I wonder why so many kids around? Earlier this week we dined off Uni and had a pleasant evening strolling the avenue. Today we went back for dessert, but got mobbed by a few hundred college students celebrating their "reunion" with friends who went away for the summer. Parking was hellish and just when we were about to head somewhere else a free spot appeared within a couple storefronts of where we were headed.

With the nice cool summer evening we decided to have dessert and just chill outside of the cafe. It was quite noisy with Nola & Old Pro having their loud and obnoxiously fun clientele. Funny thing I could watch Old Pro's flat panel screen from where I was sitting. If someone saw me from the sidewalk they would have thought I was just staring blankly at nothing. But the scene turned quite exciting when some girl with a cowboy hat jumped on a table at Old Pro and started shaking her groove to the people around. I was starting to get sick of the music though, I coulnd't handle 2 Michael Jackson songs in 30 minutes. Also "Thriller" in August is not as fun as in October. People watching wasn't as exciting with my accounting textbook being such a distraction. However there was the usual spectrum of people, double dates where one person obviously was dragged out including the "emergency save me from this date from hell" cell phone call, a couple of people having a heated argument (at one point I was waiting for the water over the head scene), a younge couple very much in love just staring at each other and holding hands exchanging kisses and not even caring about anything around (nope it wasn't me and J), we were people watching or aimlessly studying accounting or sheet music( J's actively involved with a garage band...I'll be joining shortly after my voice returns from a trip to bronchitis).

Overall a nice time out and I'm definitely feeling much better. I had my spicey cocoa again, which I think I can drink all by itself...I hate to see the summer slip away but I'm glad to see my project ending soon. I can't wait to start hanging out with friends for lunch and delving into more books, starting submitting my children's book manuscripts and catching up on my knitting and starting up painting...and of course the garage band. Now I need to get some freshly sharpened pencils, a notebook, and maybe some peechee folders to feel like I'm "back to school."

Posted on August 25, 2006 11:27 PM


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