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21 Weeks and Going
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So I'm at 21 weeks as of Sunday. Woah I'm passed the halfway point now. I've been quite busy with work and even reviewing additional projects but I know I'll be wiped out in the next month as I wrap up. Jeli's movement is alot more pronounced especially after a hot cocoa or ice cream sundae. I can't wait for J to feel the kicks. As you saw on the ultrasound video, she's quite active or she has major hiccups.

Yes I know I should watch how much sugar I have, but without caffeine it's the lesser or 2 evils. I do my GT test in a few weeks so I'm trying to really cut out sugar. I opt for fruits when I need a sweet kick. Just the other day I picked up a Hanson's Mandarin Lime soda, I figured "all nautral" won't be bad. Have you seen the nutrition label on it. It's like 32g of sugar in there! So now I'm down to water with lemon or lime slice and steamed plain soy milk or nonfat milk for something to warm me up.

I bought the baby an outfit online the other day. I just love the colors and styles from Zutano. A good friend who is also pregnant recommend Norstrom Rack for discounted Zutano baby outfits. I just love it.

One other gripe, why does baby furniture & stuff have to look like it was old skool and mainly pink/blue/green/yellow. Why can't I get the wild lime greens, purples, oranges, and wacky dots and stripes galor! And why does modern/contemporary furniture and baby gear have to be priced for celebrity moms. I love really good modern design like any other person but I'm just not sure about spending that kind of money for my kid.

Posted on June 25, 2007 06:37 PM