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C is for Cookie
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Or in this case Citigroup. CEO abruptly quit yesterday and I've never seen so much volume in trading in a long time. I was reviewing the historical prices for this stock. Lots of the news mixed about whether it was just board squabbles and issues regarding compensation and C selling it's retail brokerage business. I'm just not feeling the "like" or even "love" for the stock. It closed near it's high for the day and I'm probably going to watch.

For now, I'm sitting on what I have until before the elections. I'm not sure yet on where the market could go if either candidates elected/re-elected. Depending on reaction I'll probably go back in just before Thanksgiving. I'm rooting for Target since they are definitely on offensive/aggressive end of advertising Christmas deals before Halloween even hit.

PS: I'm back here on the blog if anything to gather my thoughts about the market and stocks. My goal is to get into the habit of writing about what I though of previous days trades. I'm not a day trader but more of an observer. I have some skin in the market but nothing that would really matter. I'm a stay at home mom using my available time to make some income without taking time away from the kids. I'm not planning to rebrand mywhine or spin out another blog. Just too much effort to have to wear multiple hats. I'll probably need to move all this MT backbones to something more like Wordpress.

Posted on October 17, 2012 09:49 AM