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Exciting News about J's Company
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I guess it's public now. American Healthways & Lifemasters have merged.

So this was one of J's company major competitor. I had a feeling they were planning to get acquired or IPO this year since there was rumbling that auditors were looking at the books and LM was hiring like crazy. I remember when J started about 5 years ago and there were only a hundred or so people. In the past year they are more than double that number. It reminded me of AV many years ago hiring like crazy just before they were planning to go IPO until the bubble burst.

Right now we're not sure what happens to J's department however it looks like headquarters is in Nashville, TN. I guess my cousin VO would be excited if we are offered a job move. Who know's? Right now we sit tight with business as usual.

Posted on May 31, 2006 04:34 PM