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Busy Weekend Down in LA
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Drove down on Friday early in the morning on 101. I really like that path even though it takes longer, we know all the places to stop and switch. Also it's quite curvy so a slower paced drive.

We were down primarily for a wedding of some good friends. However my best friend KM just had a baby and couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit. The funny thing, she showed us the birthing video. I'm not sure if it discouraged me or if I was in awe, but boy was it totally gross! He he he. Later that night I met up with my brothers at Irvine Spectrum. Hoping to visit a fun bar, turned out to be closed so ended up eating at D&B and having cocoa at B&N. Drove back up to LA. It was a very LONG day and was slow due to some bad accidents.

The wedding was so wonderful. Afternoon ceremony at St. Brendan's Catholic Church and then cocktails and dinner dancing at LA Athletic Club. Marie definitely knows how to throw a party! Lots of drinks and great food. The music was awesome as well. I thought I'd splurge and got 2 outfits. A churchy pink thing and for evening all black pants and beaded top with silver jacket.

On our way back we decided to take Hwy 5...boy was it a big mistake. Traffic on the grapevine and then big accident somewhere before Los Banos which had all traffic at a stop for a good 30 minutes and then a crawl at 10mph for a good 30 minutes. Also we were so close getting into an accident. Some college kids were swerving in and out of traffic in their raised up Mazda truck and cut a huge semitruck. The semi swerved into the shoulder and it totally looked like it was going to jack-knife. And then it swerved back into the lane since he was still speeding and there was a parked BMW on the shoulder with hazard lights. I could feel my heartrate go up at that moment. I think the 5 is dangerous since folks were flying at 85-90mph. I'll take slower, leisure drive on the 101 anytime over these dangerous accidents.

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Posted on June 27, 2005 12:30 PM