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Wild Mustangs Sighted and other Car Stuff
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I stumbled upon a corral of antique mustangs at De Anza College last Saturday. I was on campus for an all day workshop on writing and publishing picturebooks but this auto show was just amazing. Restored show cars and muscle cars reving engines throughout the day was a great surprise. I walked around for 30 minutes before class began and snapped some shots.

Speaking of 'stangs...I really like the new ones. It has lines closer to the design of the original.

Speaking of design...the 2006 Eclipse is pretty hot! I noticed the lines are much closer to the mid 90's body which I believe is more in line with the "eclipse" look. So for either one, I'm not ready to plunk down $30K but it's great to see the evolution of the design of these cars.

I heard as well that the new Porsche designs are more in line with the 993s than from the 996 which is a big relief for many porsche purists. I was actually doing a line of sketches a few years ago documenting the profiles of the 356, 993, and 996. I felt like the 996 deviated. Smehow I really like the progression of the cars from 356-993 except however the 914 which was all in its own world (with its own cult following).

Also there's word that Porsche is building a museum to open sometime in 2007 of all their concepts and lineage of cars. This is definitely going to be a major vacation for us. I'm actually hoping to find a 356 to restore so if you know anyone selling, just holler. Amazingly enough, it's going to be MY project with Jeff as my assistant :)

I was just at the PCA website and they are celebrating "50 Years of Fellowship." I've never seen the word "fellowship" used outside the context of organized spirituality. I guess for most folks PCA IS their religion! Either way, it's great to hear these types of milestones. I really enjoyed the local PCA crew. I had my first experiences with auto-cross and joining a morning drive where I almost threw up inside our 993 turbo...yes very fond memories! Alas, no more porsches in our stable...a nice and reliable civic, bumble bee miatas(1 yellow, 1 black)...a nice group, but at some point we'll probably give into the wagon or minivan crowd as we start to have kids.

Posted on June 20, 2005 09:16 AM