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I in Ideas, I in Information Architecture
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Recently I've been trying to push the boundaries of Digital Libraries and Information Systems. It's quite a challenge trying to locate research and case studies that revolve around synergies among such fields such as digital libraries, knowledge management, data mining/data warehousing, and information systems. I've asked around and haven't found much. I guess my frustrations with search surfaced in my previous MyWhine entry.

So here is the problem: How can we truly connect people to people through the ideas or objects that they produce or publish?

Peter Morville's article touches on similar ideas. As information architects we develop the structures for gaining access to information. What if we all just took a step back(NOT backwards) and evaluate the organization and management of information from an enterprise perspective and see how we can take a top down review for providing the best solutions. I just have this strange feeling that many of the challenges we face as IA folks for web development could be easily averted with better IA of information systems.

Posted on October 23, 2002 06:02 PM


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