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September 23, 2005 09:16 AM Health & Fitness  |   Link
The Meaning of Self Induced Pain

I guess this should be a whine but I can't really complain about it. I belong to a gym in my area. I've mentioned how some of the group exercise instructors are like drill sargents. I'm not joking. So far one of them is still on maternity leave, but I bet when the doctor oks her to come back she's coming back with a vengence. Recently I signed up for "Boot Camp" and it's really tough. I'm the slowest and of course the heaviest...everyone's fit already, they don't need this class!

Of course this pain isn't anything like the donating blood episode last week, but it's the kind of pain where you use muscles you rarely or never use. Then I was thinking wow God gave us all these muscles and they all work in an orchestrated way to keep us moving and able to do things. Over time our range of movements have decreased to sitting at a desk in front of a computer, sitting in traffic for many hours a week, or sitting in front of the tv and drinking beer/wine. Basically we're really not using the muscles that we were given to use in all ranges of motion. Today's workout made me realize that without that range of motion your body really doesn't want to do much...and likewise our heart go kaplut. And then what about our brain. We do endless activities where our brain just go kaplut.

Which brings me back to the meaning of self-induced pain. In order for our whole being to get stronger and leaner we need to push it just a little bit harder with a little pain to make the muscles get stronger. Just that little bit of pain makes the muscles overwork and during recovery they heal and get leaner.

Even while playing the piano I'm realizing this. Each time I learn a new scale or chord and just keep playing it over and over again, it's quite painful but then somehow after that 10th time I've played it my fingers know where to go. I can realize now as an adult why I didn't want to practice as a child. It hurt like hell. It was painful. I couldn't articulate that then. Somehow putting ourselves in situations where there's a little bit of pain just makes us stronger and builds our character.

So these self-induced painful exercise is building me up...and likewise the pain we experience emotionally in our life through trauma or stress also builds up and strengthens our character. But the main challenge is how we react to the stress or trauma. Do we step back and try to find an opportunity to learn or grow in a new way? Do we just wallow in a "pity party?" How can we exercise our choices in dealing with the emotional pain? As I did that 30th pushup on my toes, boy was I praying really hard to get through the next set of 30. But I'm also reminded about the pain I suffer is nothing like the pain Christ suffered. I'm reminded that I made a choice to pay someone to step up my workout and I remind myself that in times of emotional pain, God is exercising my spiritual muscles, my character.

September 22, 2005 08:07 AM Whine  |   Link
From Pencil to Pen

Do you remember while in elementary school the day the teacher said it was ok to start writing in pen? There was a period in third or fourth grade I can't remember which one exactly when the teacher pointed out a few students who were given permission to write their assignments in pen. At that time erasable pens were the rage. Strange that pens were exciting to me even back then. My side interest is collecting fine pens...you know even coveting that Levenger pen display case. But I remember the day the teacher said it was ok after halfway through the fall's handwriting assignments. Writing in pen I felt accomplished and what I had to write was important since pen was alot more permanent.

I find handwriting quite fascinating. My dad has wonderful handwriting, very unusual for men. I wanted to write my name similar to how he did. Of course I couldn't sign Gonzales the same way anymore since I changed my name. But there was always something beautiful about nice handwriting. Maybe it was just the nuns way of beating into us that we should all have consistently the same writing style. While on the other hand, my mom's handwriting is like chicken scratching. I remember working for a doctor in high school and reviewing the day's charts to double check the billing codes. I could hardly make anything out. How do pharmacists understand doctor's handwriting? Just the other day we got a postcard from our friend vacationing in Hawaii. Her handwriting in cursive was absolutely beautiful on the tiny postcard. It's like art to me.

I guess the reason why I'm thinking about this is just that in the Hebrew and Greek culture the "word" was very special. Word spoken and written have a power or even imply action or contained its own energy(according to JB). We also learned yesterday in our study of John that the precision of words was valuable to the ancient Greek culture. For example there are 4 words to specify love. Love of the Divine, love of friend, romantic love and natural affection (wikipedia entry). So thinking about words and my strong interest writing, I'm wondering now how I can be more meticulous about the words I choose when writing my stories? How can I get the most impact of the selectively chosen words to convey the emotions behind the story? This is truly the power behind being an author. Hopefully I can rise to that challenge. Is there truly power in the hands of a writer? With all the blogs out there trying to make a difference, I guess the people's word could be.

For today I'll write it in pen just to make it feel more permanent and maybe feel more empowered.

Health & Fitness  |   Link
Early to Bed, Early to Rise

...makes Lisa sore and tired...

I woke up this morning aching and sore.
I sneezed, my obliques screamed in pain.
I bent over, my lower back was relieved of strain.
I sit up straight, and my shoulders sigh in relief.
I reach up for the box of cereal in the cupboard, my calves experience a surge of lightning.
I try to sit down at my desk, and my butt just cringes in anticipation.

Yesterday I woke up to do a 7AM workout called "Boot Camp" which involved 10 minute warmup, 30 minutes of basic training outdoor workout(situps/pushups/squats/lunges/planks) in ways I've never done them before, and 20 minute run. I felt fine the whole day until this morning.

Pain...it's all a pain...but I have that last 10 lbs to go!!!!!!!

September 19, 2005 06:30 PM Travel  |   Link
What a trip!

Photos from recent trips.

San Antonio, TX
Really enjoyed the McNay Museum. Great food all around Riverwalk required a good walk as well.

Stefano's Private Screening of new movie, at the dinner party
Awesome story done in computer animation.

Michelle's 30th
Best margarita on the rocks so far...made with El Tesoro de Don Felipe Anejo We used the Platinum version at my 30th. I think for sipping it has to be the Anejo. Smooth and good bang!

Checking out model homes in Antioch, IL
Huge homes, around 2500-3100 sq ft going for 300-400K. We're debating about buying a house or land out in IL. Our neighbor just sold their house. It was probably only on the market for a week. I can't wait to find out how much it sold. Had a wonderful time with my family out in IL. If we do move, it would have to be next door to them.

Pictures of red boots shortly...

September 14, 2005 12:32 PM Whine  |   Link
Masochist for a Day

I can't believe I donated blood and after the first try at finding a vein...where the aid went digging around for my "rolling" vein...I still said sure I'll give blood. And then get my eyebrows waxed 2 hours later. I didn't even think about how much pain I was subjecting myself to. Argh! So with a really bruised arm and the other arm still a little sore and somewhat red skin around my eyebrows, I look like someone beat me up yesterday.

September 12, 2005 10:00 AM Travel  |   Link
Food Reviews of San Antonio

Pappadeux Seafood Kitchen
Pretty large portions. We split the Pappadeux Combo which consisted of crawfish, shrimp, stuffed crab claw, crabcake, halibut, and dirty rice. We split it and when the waiter came out to hand us the plate I thought it had too much food already. I asked him if he could split it...he said it was already split. J and I laughed. The fresh oysters were also pretty good. Everything was served cajun style. We passed on dessert since we were so full.

Copper Kitchen at the Southwest Arts and Crafts School
Cafeteria style located in one of the buildings of the A&C school. The food is made by folks from a local exclusive dining club(members only). So at lunch time this place is really packed. I got the special of the day, chicken enchiladas. Pretty nice dining room, very casual and food was good and not expensive.

County Line BBQ House
Along the Riverwalk next door to the Hard Rock Cafe. Had some pretty good bbq. I had chicken and a sausage...both very spicey and very messy good. A side salad and corn on the cob rounded out the meal. No dessert again, still trying to stick to WW. We had just enough food without being stuffed and strolled/hobbled along the Riverwalk until the RiverCenter Mall.

Tia Maria's at Market Square
Rated best Mexican Restaurant in town(not sure who really thought it was the best). However just the same it was convenient since I was at the Market Square shopping. I got chicken taquitos with beans, rice, and tortilla. Nice festive environment with lots of family pictures plastered all over the place and it has free wifi.

Zuni Grill
Not too crowded. We decided to sit indoors and the atmosphere was nice and casual. We got salads and one of the seafood specials that included crab cakes and 5 grilled shrimps with lots of veggies. We decided to do the chocolate cake and it was absolutely wonderful. 7 layers of different types of chocolate ecstasy. We walked around a bit to walk off the dessert.

Unfortunatley didn't drink much on this trip. Just had a margarita with my bbq but overall had a nice time. J went out more often with co-workers and hit up the more popular local restaurants. One of our friends even relived her favorites through J recounting his dining experiences. I guess I'll have to try those places next time we head out there.

Whine  |   Link
Whirlwind Weekend

Coming back from SA was quite a challenge. Woke up 4:30AM central time to catch a 6:30AM flight. Jeff took a non-stop 8AM flight. We arrived about 30 minutes difference. Came home to settle down and have lunch. Then we were off to SF again to dine with friends at Vino e Cucina. Our friend was having a private screening of a movie he has been working on for about 3 years. Then off to Kabuki at 9pm for the screening. Met lots of folks and enjoyed seeing others we haven't seen since Stef's 16F9 private screening. We're really proud of Stef. He's very successful and very disciplined about his accomplishments. He's also just a great friend. So we were probably up until around 12AM. So we were super tired coming home. Argh! And poor J had to limp around.

Sunday was just as tiring but very interesting. Hung out with our friends before service and then headed home for light lunch. Again we headed to the city for dinner at North Beach with another set of friends before enjoying Bebel Gilberto at Bimbo's. The music was awesome, very sensual and romantic. We had a wonderful time and again it was pretty late.

We were driving maybe 75mph on 101S just before Oyster Point when we blew a tire on the Civic. Boy was that a scarey experience. I thought I was going to lose control of the car but managed to get to the right side shoulder. Sitting there late at night I was pretty aware that most highway accidents happen when folks are driving to fast late at night and don't see cars with hazard lights on the side of the road. We sat for about 20 minutes waiting for AAA. J would have changed that tire but with his broken ankle it would have been a very long and painful experience. Since the spare was not a full size we decided to drive down El Camino from Millbrae. When we came home we noticed the spare looked like it was going to fall apart as well.

Decided to sleep in since we got home super late after 2 late nights and lots of jet lag. We're ok now...just need to get a new tire for the car. I'm glad I wasn't freaking out if anything I didn't even feel my heartrate go up. I really did feel at peace and in control.

September 08, 2005 12:58 PM Travel  |   Link
SA and Boots

It's pretty hot walking around. I've done already 6 miles wandering around the riverwalk and now just hanging out at a cafe that has free wifi(with purchase of item). The porch is nice and cool with the breeze. It's not as hot as DC but still hot if you're wearing jeans and a backpack with all your techno geek gear. One old lady at the Art and Craft school visitorm musuem even offerend to babysit my pack while I ate lunch at Copper Kitchen...but I couldn't let go. It's like my life. I got myself a pair of nice bright red boots. I never thought I would ever do it but heck I'm in TX, couldn't pass it up.

September 07, 2005 09:50 PM Travel  |   Link
Everything Is So Big

Hated the plane ride...I thought I was going to puke again...argh! However I love having a mascot on the tail of the plane.

All the food is sooo big! San Antonio has big food, big boots, and big hats. I'm so glad J and I split our meal at Pappadeaux Seafood. Hoping to find good bbq tomorrow. J is limping along ok but I doubt we'll be strolling Riverwalk after dinner. Will try to hit Austin on Friday and still determined to get some boots tomorrow.

Will probably do the main tourist attractions and look around for volunteer opportunities. I called 211 but they said they are totally ok with volunteers...they mentioned to check back in 2 weeks. Then I remembered it's usually few weeks later that it's difficult to find volunteers to be relief for the first round...I'll have to to see if I can do that. The news coverage is alot more intense here on evacuees that have been transferred here. I hope I can do something of value...hopefully get more writing done too!

September 06, 2005 01:53 PM Whine  |   Link
Pitcher of Sangria and Teaching Someone T9 Don't Mix

September 01, 2005 11:18 AM Whine  |   Link
Katrina and the Waves

The photos documenting the after effects of Katrina on New Orleans are just so devastating. I've been reading about the civicl unrest as well at the Superdome. I can't believe this...it's all so depressing.

Please donate to the American Red Cross directly. You can also use Amazon.Com.