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Blossom Birth Resources
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Wanted to share with friends and family a great resource here in the Palo Alto/Peninsula area for expectant mothers. They offer a wide variety of referrals, yoga for pregnant mothers, birthing classes, etc.

Blossom Birth Resource Center

It's my new volunteer gig as we try we begin a reorganization of their resource library of books, videos, and other resources both physical and digital. I'm looking forward to applying my organizing, library science, and web skills for a really great non-profit organization. I'm doing similar work to what I've done for Family Connections the past year so I'm really excited to start sharing those experiences.

If you have any slightly used fertility, pregnancy, post-partum books and maybe even some hand me down toddler books, feel free to contact me since the resource library is looking to expand!

Posted on January 29, 2007 12:02 PM


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