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Baby's Storytime at the Library
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One of the activities that B really enjoys is going to storytime at 2 different libraries near our house 2-3 times a week. One is intimate where we sing to each of the children with nursery rhymes, songs, reading, feltboard stories and playtime at the end. The other one gets really packed with many people so we always arrive 10 minutes early and they have lots of songs, nursery rhymes, puppets, bells, scarves and storybooks.

Recently one of our favorite storytime librarians did a presentation at Blossom Birth for the Blanket Babies program series on reading to children and she recommended the following sites for babies and toddlers.

Read to your Baby

Sarog Ghoting, Early Childhood Literacy

More about reading & child development at Zero to Three

These are great resources for parents who don't know what books to get for their kids. I collected many children's books before B was born for my own personal "research"(still submitting my own stories) but now I know I really need to allow myself to share them with B. Also I need to be ok that she'll eventually chew them up...at least the unsigned ones.

I guess for me reading has always been a part of my upbringing. My mom was an elementary school librarian and we always had books in the house. During the summer when she was off, she would take us to the library every few days 1)to cool off since there was a/c 2)get us out of the house because we all had cabin fever and 3)participate in various summer reading programs. I have many fond memories of using the card catalog and then eventually learning how to use the computer to look for books as well as browsing the stacks and magazine racks. I enjoy reading and I hope that I can also instill this love of reading with B.

Posted on July 24, 2008 07:50 PM