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December 02, 2003 05:52 PM Information Architecture  |   Link
B&A: My DC2003 Trip Report

Sarah Rice and I went ahead and submitted our trip report from the 2003 Dublin Core Conference. It was published recently in Boxes and Arrows. It doesn't cover every single session, but I think it gives a good overview of some interesting topics that overlap with some of the issues that information architects in general face when putting together a website, knowledge management system, or content management system.

Whine  |   Link
A Cold IA in Paris

The end of November took me to France to enjoy the sites and smells of Parisian living. We were in town for the wedding of our close friend, Joan Minor, to her loving husband, Paul Grayson. The extravagent reception was held at a chateau outside of Paris, Chateau des Conde.

Got a chance to hook up with Paul Kahn of Kahn & Associates and just hang out around town doing the American in Paris touristy thing. Came back the day after Thanksgiving with a cold I caught from Jeff.