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April in Carneros
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Had a wonderful day on Saturday with T&H in Carneros, Sonoma/Napa Wine Country. It's a twice yearly event where a little over a dozen wineries open their doors to wine tasting. In most cases these wineries are so small that they are only open by appointment. Their stock is limited but through events liek April in Carneros they are still accessible. So basically you get a map of the 17 or so wineries, you plunk down $25 and get a wine glass to take to each of the sites and a black wristband denoting you paid. Some wineries had 1-2oz pours others just poursed until you got a good tasting. I remember T got almost half a glass of barrel tasting at one of the wineries. The wine-aholic that I am, I got some of the winemakers to sign the bottles we bought. Most of the tastings were really good and was free to go back for seconds. Most of the venues had various merchants selling oil, cheese or mustard. Live music was present at many of the sites and in many cases there was also free food, either sausage or beef sandwiches. Some were nice an elegant wineries with tents and beautiful landscapes, others were just like garage-style warehouses where they store and also do tastings. We spent the whole day and probably stopped at about 7 or 8 winers, I can't remember. Lucky for us T drove, I don't think I could have made it back home. I think next time I'm considering staying in town. So next time you're here for dinner, we'll probably bust open some of the wines we bought.

April in Carneros

Posted on April 24, 2006 10:26 AM