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My Life in Gym Clothes
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So I start working again after July 4th. This past year I've pretty much shed all my big clothes and started to get very casual in and around places. Basically, I live in my gym clothes. In Hong Kong, I was pretty much at the gym every day and would be in my gym clothes all morning and afternoon until I got to the gym, I would then shower and be in regular clothes, but it was still travel clothes or the local Giordano or Bosini ware...aka Old Navy stuff. I've enjoyed this carefree lifestyle with clothes to match the laziness.

Now I'm heading back to work and hardly have any work type clothes. Just when I thought I was able to clear out 90% of the closet and work has me headed for the malls and outlets. I dread shopping. It's like a constant reminder that I haven't lost that last 15lbs yet. So gym clothes or the cutesy sweatsuits are definitely out at least for now...don't even mention jeans to me...they just don't look right on me for some reason.

Posted on June 23, 2005 07:15 PM