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Jeff a Librarian?
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I know this sounds pretty odd, but the guy really knows how to do research online. For me I have to admit I hate doing online searching, surfing, or shopping. Even though it was my profession to care about search online it really doesn't appeal to me for personal aspects. It was pretty funny that Jeff would relate his story of doing research for homeopathic remedies for allergies for a few hours this afternoon. He's pretty good at searching for these things and especially electronic gadgets. Not only does he find the reviews of these products, he finds coupons randomly online. He's like the ultimate online junkie. I bet he would make a better reference librarian than me. I may know where the answers are in a book, but he would definitely find the answer online really quick.

Speaking of online shopping. It's pretty rare here to find ecommerce sites. Living in the middle of shopping mecca folks here really like to touch, feel, and play with the things they want to buy. Jeff has been trying to find something like an online Amazon equivalent here but no luck. The only places where ecommerce sites come in handy are for folks who don't live closeby to CWB or TST/Mongkok.

Speaking of shopping mecca...today being Sunday...was a total chaotic zoo in and around our area. Not only is it the "amahs" day off but there was a product and brands expo at Victoria Park. It will be going on through Jan 3. This expo has been going on every year for 39 years now. So I have this strange feeling life around our neighborhood will be quite hectic.

Posted on December 12, 2004 07:06 AM