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You know you're a local when...
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Hong Kong Island isn't that big. In fact, most of the island is uninhabited because of preserved natural lands. However, there are about 8-10 million people on HK Island. Dense living conditions in many high rise buildings allows for that many people to live here. But the oddest thing is you do bump into people you know randomly in and around places you tend to hang out. For instance, I've bumped into one of my former classmates from chinese school two times now (once at our gym and the other night at the escalators in SOHO) and just today we saw a friend from church in the Hong Kong MTR Station. I remember a few weeks back we saw Jeff's cousin crossing the street towards us. Who knows we'll probably bump into more people we know more often. While there are days I just feel like any other anonymous person walking to my destination, it's quite nice to bump into folks I know and feel part of the whole eco-system of friendly faces.

Posted on December 13, 2004 05:20 AM