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RIP: Bathroom TV
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Menlo Park, CA (August 20, 2006) - Born sometime in the late 1980s T.V. was mounted in the master bathroom of ML & J's house. This past week T.V. met it's untimely demise when somehow its circuits got fried. Fortunately the surge tripped the breaker no big harm to the house however it did cause some lights to go out while nobody was home.

T.V. had a very productive career entertaining house guests, surprising visitors when taking house tours, and keeping the owners well informed of worldly events. T.V. graduated from Hitachi University in Japan where it garnered many awards for price and quality assurance.

No funeral arrangements have been made since it will have to take a couple of strong people to dismount it from the ceiling and wall.

T.V. is survived by its two owners ML & J and remote. They officially have no T.V. in the house now. T.V. will be sorely missed. If you would like to contribute to the T.V. Memorial Fund, please contact me.

Posted on August 25, 2006 11:36 PM


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